We believe in preserving the residents right to privacy in their own personal space not only for themselves but for their belongings and their affairs.
    The resident’s room is their own personal place and will only be entered with the resident’s permission or when their health or safety is at risk.


    We believe in ensuring our residents personal dignity is respected by others in every possible way and to be treated, whatever their disabilities or frailties, as valued individuals in their own right.

    To assist our residents, families and representatives with peace of mind we have implemented a priorities of care end of life procedure, this will enable us to have in place the chosen preferences when the end of life becomes apparent. Whether it is a persons preference to have music playing, flowers in their room or just to be allowed to remain with us rather than being transferred to hospital against their last wishes. We  are dedicated to ensure that event is handled with the utmost care and dignity, ensuring support for the family who are encouraged to visit as often as they wish and where possible, allowed to stay overnight with their loved one.


    We aid and assist our residents to achieve their full potential capacity, however small, in respect of their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs.


    We believe in the right to independence whether it be for personal choice, responsibility for their own actions or the right to care for themselves as far as they are able and willing to do so.


    1. Right to personal independence
    2. Right to care for themselves
    3. Right to personal dignity
    4. Right to personal space and privacy
    5. Right to take part in decisions about their living arrangements
    6. Right to be consulted about any changes which may affect them
    7. Right to be given the opportunity to mix with other people in the community
    8. Right to have their cultural, religious, sexual and emotional needs respected
    9. Right to leave the home and be assisted if they wish to do so.
    10. Right to receive visitors throughout the day in the privacy of their own rooms
    11. Right to expect management and staff to accept the degree of risk involved with these principals
    12. Right to make complaints, should any resident wish to do so to the Manageress or the Proprietors
    13. Right to complain to the Lancashire County Council Social Services Inspectorate Department at their offices or by contacting the Local Ombudsman
    14. Terms and conditions of residence will be provided separately